Refund Policy

Policies help us deliver you well-formed services and settle different claims emerging from various segments. Our refund policy is highly established on standardised and ethical practices based on industrial norms. Every refund claim is processed under the vigilance of already set parameters that are not agile but highly efficient in giving you justified and mutually decided claims.

Coverage & Scope

Refunds are strictly restricted to the services and solutions provided by Soft Futura, any claim regarding 3rd party services do not apply to us. We are not to be held responsible for the person or services that we do not own or personally offer. Thus, any claim relating to 3rd party on and off the bounds of contract or linked onto our website is not to be related to us.

When Do You Qualify For Refunds?

Soft Futura refund processing is well structured set of rules and involves a non-volatile process. In case of complaint regarding Soft Futura, we first provide you an ideal solution to retaliate the issue that is faced by our client. Technical team is deployed to check and report to an expert’s team regarding the issue, under unchangeable circumstances you are affiliated to seek a refund.

Following conditions are taken under concern before processing your refund, under these circumstances your refund is likely to apply*

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